Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I have been tagged on Facebook and through emails, etc. so I'm going to do what Julie did and just post them on here. If you want to post one on your blog, then TAG YOU'RE IT!

1. I've been married and divorced twice...both with the name Brian.
2. I own my own home and that's an accomplishment because my parents never owned one.
3. I received my bachelors degree in Business 15 years after graduating high school.
4. I knew Neil Patrick Harris. We competed in band together and his dad was our mock trial coach in high school.
5. I'm obcessed with weight. My mom was anorexic so I try not to lose weight but I also try not to gain as much either.
6. I miss my Mom every day. Life is hard without her.
7. I had hip surgery when I was one because I was born with a congenital hip disease.
8. I've had three miscarriages.
9. I'm embarrased by the size of my boobs. I really want to be a B cup.
10. I don't answer the phone if I don't have to. I'd text you all day if you want though.
11. I say good night to my Mom and God every night when I get into bed.
12. Sometimes I wish I had someone to call me Mom.
13. The navigation in my car is on the fritz and that makes me sad.
14. I love the weekends when LW has Kassidy. She makes life better.
15. I once broke my arm on NYE because I slipped in the bathroom getting down from plucking my eyebrows in the mirror.
16. I broke my leg on a trampolin when I was little so I'm deathly afraid of them now.
17. I hate CLOWNS, I hate the Circus.
18. I buy way too many shoes. I have over 80 pair.
19. I've always dreamed of going to Ireland.
20. I'd say yes if LW asked me to marry him.
21. My Mom has been gone over a year now and I still won't remove her address from my address book or take her phone number out of my cell phone.
22. My brother and I are one year, one day and 23 hours and 11 mins (I think) apart. We are often mistaken for twins.
23. I'm organized as hell at home. Everything has it's place and nothing is randomly left out.
24. I love to read, but I can't borrow the book. I have to buy it. I'm obcessed with collecting books.
25. My favorite color is orange. I have an orange bathroom!


Coloradolady said...

love all your randoms. I feel like you do about your mom for my grandmother who has been gone for 21 years in January. Life has been hard without her and I miss her just as I did 21 years ago. Have a great week.

wow...the security word was

Unknown said...

Danica, we have lots in common. I lost count of my shoes. I'm beginning to think that Boo needs to move his clothes into the guest bedroom closet!

I also love when Baby Boo is with us. she brings out the innocent, funny, laughter in me. Just hearing her yell, "Momo!!!" makes me laugh.

Also, I'm glad LW's name isn't Brian!

I'll break away from the Being Black posts to do this.

travel girl said...

Nice list.

I still have not removed my Mom's e mail from my address book and only waserased from my phone when i dropped it in soy milk.

It's been over 4 years.

greetings from Costa Rica!