Friday, January 30, 2009

Poopy Attitude

I'm signing out for the day.

My mood sucks.

Work is killing me so badly that I want to poke my eyes out.

I need a massage, but when I tried to schedule one for tonight, only **Chris** was available and **Chris** is a man, so that's out for me.

Going to the gym this evening to get it all out.

Then home to paint my toe nails and watch a scary movie alone.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Aww, sweetie, hope that time alone will help you feel better. What's funny is that lately I have watched some scary movies either helps when I'm in a bad mood or makes it worse.

Where's LW?

Hang in there!!

Coloradolady said...

Oh, I am sorry. My mood is much of the same. I am so stressed about work, that I think I have made myself almost sick over it. I have to work this evening....and the thought of walking through the doors makes me want to throw up. Hope the weekend is a bit brighter!

travel girl said...

Hope you get to relax sweetie after sweating it out!

Julie said...

I like how my favorite bloggin buds are now your readers! LOL

I understand your mood totally. I've been borderline screaming at people for two days now. I'm like in full road rage mode in the privacy of my living room. LOL

Hope your weekend gets better!!!

Danica Lynn said...

Thanks girls!!!

LW was officiating a b-ball game. When we got home I was face down passed out on the couch. HA!

Natalie said...

I hope your poopy attitude went Bye Bye!

Lots of hugs!