Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let IT snow!!!!

I love it! It's cold (not the best part) and it's snowing (the greatest part of winter)!! I love snow. It's unbelievable how much I love snow. I could talk about snow all day that's how much I love it! I love building snowman, being inside watching it fall and the list goes on! I think it's in my blood as my Dad is from North Dakota and there you can have snow in August!!!

What I don't love is that LW and Chuck will be driving to PA this afternoon to officate a college basketball game this evening. I worry enough as it is when he travels to these games...add snow and I'm doubly worried. Good thing Chuck and him will be together (usually he goes alone). I'm more comfortable with him having company (Chuck's an official too).

Wish I had pictures to share. Oh and right before the wonderful snow started falling, the most beautiful sunrise was happening. It was orange and in the cold of the city it looked all mysterious. LW said he snapped a shot for me from home (he's working from home until he leaves for the game), so I'll have to post it if I have time tonight.


travel girl said...

I have lived in California all my life so living in the snow is not something I know anything about. I think I would like it too though.