Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He wants to go away Valentine's Day weekend!

LW has a 17 year old daughter that lives in Arizona. He hasn't seen her since this summer, so he was planning a trip out there soon to go see her. With my work schedule being crazy and my project implementation date being the weekend of Valentine's Day, he decided to go see Lauren that weekend.

I have two feelings about this. One, I know he misses Lauren like crazy, so I so badly want him to get out to see her and I know it would make him so much happier. BUT there's that part of me that's a little sad that he won't be home for V-Day. I'm not a huge supporter of V-Day but I was hoping that maybe I would be since I finally found someone I can love and someone who loves me.

I want him to go see Lauren. He needs to go see her. She misses him and he misses her. I see it on his face every day he looks at her picture. I can't imagine how hard it is to be away from your child. I just wish he would have picked a different weekend.

I'm not stopping him from going because that would be wrong. I just needed a place to express my saddness because I don't want to let him know how down it would make me for him to be gone during Valentine's Day. Odds are I will be working the most crazy hours that day, so it wouldn't be fair of me to ask him to stay home, when quite frankly I don't know if I'll be home.

I did mention this morning that I hope that him, Kassidy and I can all go see Lauren this summer....a family vacation of sorts. He seemed excited that I would want to take time off to be with his children. Why not? I hope one day they become my family.


Simi said...

awww :( I'm sorry! It sucks that our stupid implementations are on holiday weekends and sucks that you won't get to spend VDay together. . . I know it's not a BIG holiday but it's still a little mushy.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm so sorry that you'll miss out on time spent together. I'm feeling sorry for me too because my Boo works on Saturdays and he won't be home either. In fact, he'll get home around 11:30 that night. More than likely, I'll be fast asleep!

I wonder if there's any way you and LW can celebrate it on another day instead?

You're very understanding to his needs and that he misses his daughter. I'm sure he's got a little something special planned in spite of him being gone during the weekend.

I'll brainstorm and see what us lonely sweethearts can do while our lovers are not with us.

Coloradolady said...

Oh, I am so sorry about that. Let me say, he most likely did not even think about it being Valentines, and Monday is a Holiday, which I am sure gives him an extra day. I feel sure that was the motivation for that weekend, and not V-day on Sat.

Does he even know that V-day is over that weekend? The reason I am asking is my DH most likely would not have noticed that either.....MEN!

You are a better person than I tend to be when I get let down......good for you!

Marco Crupi said...
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Julie said...

Did you get blog spammed on here? LOL

Why on earth would he pick THAT weekend, out of all the available ones, to go to Arizona? He picked it because you are going to be busy?

Dude, pick again. You don't leave town your first Valentine's Day together.

Ask him if he can wait another week or two so you can go with him. If you don't speak up and tell him it bothers you, then you get what you get....

Emily said...

Awww chica, I'm sorry!! :( Boys don't always think when they make plans!! V-day isn't a big one for me, but I still want to at least acknowledge it with Chuck!! So I feel ya :(


Natalie said...

I wish you could go. That sucks. It will work out, you may just need to celebrate Vday on a different day.