Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My year in review.

I've started reflecting on everything that has happened from last Christmas until this Christmas. It seems impossible the things that have happened to me. Some I have dreamt all of my life for, and some I have avoided and hoped would never happen.

This year I have:
- buried my Mother
- watched my Father suffer from a stroke and go partially blind
- started on a downward spiral with my life but somehow managed to pull myself out it
- fell in love with the man I am going to marry forever
- took three vacations and really had FUN
- repaired a broken relationship with my sister and my niece
- kept my job
- inherited money which saved my ass financially
- bonded with my brother and the kids (we have always been close but my mom's death brought us closer)
- learned how to let go of bad friendships and the hate that I had with them
- built new friendships and worked on the friendships of others
- volunteered with several organizations
- learned how to play Bunco!
- forgave myself
- started to love myself

It's been such a life changing year. Impossible to explain. I can't believe how truly blessed I am. Through death I see the possibility of life where I didn't see it before.


Julie said...

Merry Christmas, honey. I know it's a hard time of the year for you, but I believe with all my heart that your Mom sent you the love of your life to help you through the first year without her. There are no coicidences in this world. She sent you the last angel she could give you, and boy did she do good!!!!!!!! :)

Love you...

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I loved your year in review. Through it all, you've made it through tuff times and found new love, rekindled bonds and realized the importance of family and friends. That is a whole lot in one year's time.

Like Julie said, your mom really made sure you had someone special to spend your forever with. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!!

Simi said...

did you forget NANCY??? :)
Hugs to you. And hope your next year will only be better.

travel girl said...

This year has been a very *full* year for you. Isn't it amaing to look back and see how far we have come?

I can feel you happiness in your words. I agree with what Jules said about these holiday times!

Merry Christmas

Julie said...

Merry Christmas from your favorite ho ho ho. :)

erinann said...

You are the blessing!

Merry Christmas!