Friday, December 26, 2008

I survived Christmas.

First of all, there was no engagement ring, so thank you to those people who shot us text messages that said "Congrats!" HA!!! Nice try.

The day before Christmas Eve was surpringly the hardest day for me. I had left work early to run some errands. My last stop of the day would be to Flowerama to pick up a wreath for my mom's grave. I did well making it through purchasing the wreath but as soon as I loaded it into the car I just cried. I cried for all that she would miss this year. I cried for the mere fact that I miss her. Her silly little presents...her stocking stuffers...her candy. I miss her watching us have fun with Christmas.

On Christmas Eve LW and I drove to the cemetary in the pouring rain to place the wreath on her grave. I asked him to wait in the car while I did it. I was having trouble with my bad hip that day so I struggled to get the wreath into the ground. When I got back to the car, the wind and the rain were beating the wreath up so it started to flap in the wind. LW jumped out of the car and fixed it for me. He did not know my mom so I was touched by his graciousness as I was such a mess and didn't think I could go back out there. There is something so emotiontional about seeing your parent's name on a stone sticking up out of the ground.

After the cemetary we headed to my nieces for dinner. See my niece lives in my mom's old house. The family sat around talking about mom and how she use to string Christmas lights from one end of the room to the other. We laughed and talked and remembered her. It was rather peaceful.

Then came church. My brother and his family and my niece, her daughter and LW all went to Christmas Eve service. It was amazing...beautiful...magical and fun. I sat next to David (my 14 year old nephew) and we talked and really had a grown up moment. I love that kid!

When Christmas morning arrived, LW and I opened up presents (yay got a massage gift certificate and a Coach purse and more of course)then got ready and he headed out to bring Kassidy over to the house. After Kassidy opened her presents we took some family pictures. We had so much fun snuggling around LW. I'll have to post those later. They were so good!!!

Once we cleaned up the house we headed to LW's Mom's house where we ate, played Scrabble, watched everyone open presents, talked, laughed and visited. I feel so blessed to have his family in my life. They remind me so much of my family. And you can feel the love when you walk into the room.

All in all I had a beautiful Christmas. I felt so lucky because I finally know what it feels like to feel love. I can't remember ever feeling this way. For once I can is finally my turn.

Merry Christmas dear friends and family!


Vinnie Sorce said...

The ring will come when it's time, lol. Sounds like you had a great day.

Simi said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful holiday.

travel girl said...

Happy you had a beautiful Christmas. Here is to a fabulous New Year!!