Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Time

Christmas this year is going to be beautiful and magical, but a little sad because we are short one very special family memeber. However I know my momma is up in heaven pushing good thoughts about the holiday my way. I haven't felt this excited about the holidays since I was a child.

Perhaps it's because I've had lots of life changing events over the last year. Or perhaps it's because I've finally accepted who I am and love who I've finally become.

Anyway, I are some of my favorite pictures from the holidays thus far.

These are the stockings that hang on my for LW, one for Kassidy, one for me and one for Boots and Boomer (Lauren's was sent in the mail). LW surprised me with a personalized stocking so I surprised him back!

And this is a Boyds ornament that Julie's sister, Sue Ellen, gave me. How sweet is that? It's says "The Queen of the Universe". Fitting huh???

And no Christmas would be complete without an "Our First Christmas" ornament.

While I'm taking pictures I see my little helper hanging over the balcony.

And finally all of it put together....


Julie D said...

Uh yeah, she picked that ornament for you for a reason! LOL

Great pictures. Keep your chin up, this first one is the hardest. You read my blog today, I still miss my sister and it's been 5 years but at least the missing gets "easier" if that makes any sense. (And it will, in a couple of years)

So glad we had dinner last night, we all need to get back to our "once a month" schedule next year. I miss you guys!!!

jannypie said...

its really pretty!

SavvySarahDesigns said...

nicely done, danica!

are those stocking from lands end? 'cause i think those are teh ones we have :)

Lost Soul said...

You always think about those people at the holidays. My wife passed away on 12/21 and was buried Christmas Eve. Everybody said what a terrible time of the year for her to die. Guess what folks any time of the year was a terrible time of the year for her to die. I think about her life at this time of the year, not her death.

Liz said...

I'm glad you're looking forward to Christmas :)

travel girl said...

Lovely post.

And I so love the pic of your cat!