Monday, November 17, 2008

Reminding myself I'm lucky.

Too many times this year I have found myself down in the dumps...depressed over not finding a man (I have obviously found him now!), losing friendships, the death of my mother, my dislike of my job, etc. But then reality hit me today. Life could be over quicker than it started.

My best friend has a friend who was seriously injured over the weekend. She fell down (they aren't sure if maybe she passed out due to blood pressure issues) a flight of stairs, broke her neck, and some how managed to crawl back up the stairs (I assume to get help from her daughters as her husband was at work (police officer), pass out and be found by her husband at 4 am (they think the accident may have happened around 1 am - not sure because Cathy can't remember)). She had surgery yesterday to put pins, bolts, screws and plates into her neck. She's doing okay. The doctors aren't sure at the moment how much mobility she will have once she starts healing. However it is a good sign that she has tingling in her hands and feet. Please pray extra hard for the family.

With that said, I've learned that I need to stop whining about my issues and be GRATEFUL I am healthy, happy and alive. I'm going to stop worrying about things I cannot change and focus on the things I can. I'm lucky to have a great man, to have the friends that I do and grateful, despite my mom's death, that my family is mostly healthy.

Hug your family tighter today and be sure that they ALWAYS know you love them.

Tomorrow may never come.

So love to all of my family and friends! Thank you for always being here for me.


Allison said...


travel girl said...

Isn't that the truth!

Whenever things are not going as I like, I think of so many I personally know that have much worse hardships.

I truly feel fortunate.

Julie said...

Wow! How scary. Thinking good thoughts for your friend's friend.

Kenzi T said...

Sending good thoughts to your friend! Please keep us posted. Wow. How lucky we are to be happy and healthy.