Tuesday, November 18, 2008

OMG I'm losing weight!!

Last week I was down 2 pounds and this week I'm down another 4. Holy moly batman!!!! I went from 136 to 130 in two weeks. DAMN I can do this!!! I have about 15 more to go.

It's amazing what happens when you watch what you put in your mouth (no comments Julie - HA!). Plus I worked out four days last week.

I'm just in heaven today. I needed some good news!!!!


Liz said...

WHOO HOO!!!! You go girl!!!!!!

Jill said...

Good for you Danica! Keep it going girl!!! :)

Julie D said...

I am not saying a word...LOL

But congrats on the weight loss! 6 lbs on someone your size is like 20 on me!

Emily said...


That's awesome!!!

Your hard work is starting to pay off!!

Natalie said...

You go girl!!!!

Allison said...

That's fantastic!!!! So glad the hard work is finally showing you some results on the scale!!!

And ditto Julie--6 lbs on teeny little you is HUGE!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! GO Danica!!!