Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yawn....big stretch!!

I got into work before 7am today. Holy cow! Problem was I worked late last night and so did LW, so after work we walked over to Gordon Bierch for dinner. It was so nice because we sat outside and talked. I did not get to talk to him all day (boo, hiss, pout...I sound like a girl in love!), so it was nice to get all caught up.

After dinner we decided to leave my car downtown in the parking garage and just ride home together. All fine and dandy, but he made me get up at 5:30am because he likes to get into work early! I'll say....5:30am was a toughy but I did it! And here I sit one around. No sound other than the copier, furnance and computers. This could turn into a kidnapping situation and no one would know until probably 8. :)

Happy day my friends.

I'll be back.....


Simi said...

THAT IS WAY Too Early!
hehe but it was probably a good idea to save on the gas (even though it is a lil cheaper).

Hope you get to go home a lil early since you got in a lil early!

Julie said...

You *must* be in love to do that!