Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shoot I've been tagged!

Thanks Simi! HA I don't know how to play this, but after reading Julie's blog I'm certain I just have to give 7 random facts about me.

1. I won two beauty contests when I was younger. Miniture Miss Queen in 1984 and Teen Beauty Queen in 1988. Yes folks, I once was a pretty girl. HA!

2. I knew Neil Patrick Harris from high school. Both of us went to high school in New Mexico and he was in the same band competition that I was in. Of course if you asked him who I was he'd probably say "Dunno, don't care."

3. I once ate so many oranges that I ended up with Vitamin C posioning. I was one sick little girl. We lived in Florida at the time...go figure!

4. I called my VP at one of my old jobs a dork one time, hence the nickname Dork. People could NOT believe I did that. Truly it was a slip of the tongue. Dork was always a filler word for me.

5. I've had the same cell phone number since 1999. It's been a long time!

6. I've been married and divorced twice. Both men had the name of Brian. I will never date another Brian again!!!!

7. I'm very OCD. I can tell you where everything is in my house. Nothing is out of place. And if you were to move something, I would move it back. ARRGGHHH

Now don't you feel like you know me a whole lot better? HA!!!


Jill said...

Being tagged is fun because you learn little tid bits about someone that you wouldn't normally know...

Both of your ex's named Brian is kind of creepy... good for you for staying away from those Brian's!!! :)

Julie D said...

Oh, I am so moving shit around when I'm there next.

Simi said...

i'm with Julie!!! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

I've dated about 7 Jason's, so I know all about banning names! LOL