Monday, October 20, 2008


LW told me last night that he told his youngest daughter about me. I guess he sat her down and told her that daddy "has a lady friend." Her response was "I thought you might have a girlfriend since you always go upstairs to talk on the phone." HA!!! How observant are little ones???

I'm not sure he told the oldest about me yet. Since she lives in Arizona he may wait until he sees her face to face. Not sure. However the youngest daughter (K) and the oldest daughter (L) talk on the phone all the time, so I'm sure L will know before too long.

I just hope this means that I get to meet them soon. Both of them sound so adorable. I'm anxious, nervous and excited all wrapped up in one.


Liz said...

I'll be crossing my fingers!!

Simi said...

That is AWESOME Danica, I'm glad you stuck it through, I'm sure it was hard, and you sometimes wondered if it was worth it, but he really seems to care, and your ability to go with him, on his time schedule seems to be working for him! YAY!!!!

Jody said...

That is so great Danica! See, he truly cares about you and if he's telling his kids about you then he plans on sticking around. I'm so happy for you!