Friday, October 3, 2008

Is he ever gonna say it?

Sometimes I wonder if I am wasting my time. It's almost five months since LW and I have been dating and he still hasn't even come close to telling me how he feels. The most he can say is "I like you alot." I'm a woman, I need more than that. If I'm not making him happy then I need to know. And if I do make him happy, I'd like to know that too. It hurts not having any idea how he feels. He never says anything sweet like "I like being here with you", or "You make me happy", etc. He just does sweet things, which is great, but sometimes I wanna hear how happy I make him.

Am I wasting time here? Is he ever going to feel the way I do? Am I really that un-loveable? It's all just so frustrating. I have given everything I got to him...I've told him how I feel, I take care of him, I listen whenever he talks (he's not a talker), and I try to show everyday, how much I do love him. Why don't I feel that way in return?

Next week is five months and I know nothing more than what I did the night of our first date. ::sigh:: I'm tired of being the reject.


Liz said...

(((hugs))) you're not a reject. Please don't think that!!!!

Jody said...

Danica, don't think ANY of those negative thoughts! You are one of the most wonderful thoughtful people I know! (HUGS)