Friday, October 24, 2008

I love the Nestie Girls!

Ever since I joined The Knot/The Nest/The Columbus Nesties board I have come out of my little shell. I have always loved meeting new people, but have always been "shy" about it. Yes peeps I can get shy!! But during my divorce and my mom's passing, I've realized just how much each of those girls on that chatboard mean to me. So many send cards...thoughts and prayers...etc. I love going to lunches, to bookclub, to Bunco, to game nights, to happy hours, to their homes. I love socializing with each of those girls.

I love watching their babies grow up. I love wishing each of them a Happy Birthday. And I'm glad I can be there in their time of need.

I'm not 100% super close with any of my girlfriends. I think that goes back to how I was raised (long story for another day). But when I log onto the Nest in the morning I see how much we all care about one we all grieve we all laugh together and how we all wish each other success and happiness.

I'm blessed to have found that board. I've made so many friends and I hope that those friendships last a very long time.


Liz said...

Love you!!!!!! :)

Julie D said...

We do love our Nesties, don't we? After all, that's what brought you and me together!!!!! Love you babe!

Emily said...

Love ya girlie!! :)

Allison said...