Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday Carol

Today was my friend Carol's 40th birthday. For obvious reasons those of us that work with her just HAD to decorate her office. he he

SOO....with the help of other co-workers, we created a 'barn yard' theme. Yes we had straw, a horse bridel, rope, a cowboy hat, feed, plastic farm animals and a toy farm, along with 40th birthday gear. See Carol lives in Amanda, a.k.a. The Village, so the farm/barn yard theme was appropriate. And to top it all off her son had a goat that was shown in the Fairfield County fair last week! HA

I think she was greatly surprised. Happy 40th Birthday Carol!! I hope it was a good one filled with love, happiness and a little goat humor.


Liz said...

hey...don't be dissin' Amanda...they're our neighbors!!!