Thursday, October 9, 2008

Five Months Today

Yippeee! LW and I are celebrating five months of being together today. This morning he got into the shower before me and once my lazy butt could get out of bed he came up to me and gave me a huge hug and a kiss and said "Happy five months." HE REMEMBERED! AAHHHH

We are not celebrating tonight as he is officiating a volleyball game, so tomorrow we are going to Bon Vie at Easton and then to a movie. I'm so excited.

Maybe soon he'll say 'it'. :)


Liz said...

yay!!! i hope you have an enjoyable evening :)

Julie D said...

Now see, there you go. He may not say I love you (yet!) but any guy who remembers a 5 month anniversary is IN LOVE!!!!

Jill said...

I hope that he does too!!

That's very sweet that he remembered!!!! I love those moments!!

Emily said...

Will keep my fingers crossed for you!!

Happy 5 months!!