Monday, October 20, 2008


Why does the word death bring tears to my eyes? My best friend just called me to tell me that her husband's grandmother just passed away. And just last week I had two co-worker's who's grandparents past away. When I was told about all three of these deaths I couldn't help but sit here and just cry. I know their pain. I feel how bad their hearts hurt and I know what it's like to go through a loved ones belongs and fondly remember.

I wish I didn't know how that felt, but I have to face that part of being human is dying.

I wonder how I am going to help my best friend through this when I can't even help myself through the pain sometimes. I know it's much different losing a parent than a grandparent but still I need to be there for her family. When my mom died she was the first person I called. I can't even remember the conversation. Between the disbelief of losing my mother and the hysterical crying fits I know she was listening to me and trying to do her best to be with me at a time when I was all alone.

I'm sending Nichole and Rusty prayers and love. I wish I could do more. I hope they understand that she is in such a better place where she won't hurt any more.