Monday, October 27, 2008

Anyone see my grumpy pants?

I am so in need of putting on my grumy pants today. My morning has already gone to shit! I wake up feeling like crap (thanks George or AKA Aunt Flo). So I'm walking around getting ready at home and I'm just moody as f_ck. Poor LW. I didn't talk because I was afraid I would spew venom if I opened my mouth. I can become one big pain in the ass when George stops by.

And then I'm at work fumbling through stacks of paper on my desk when I knock over my Diet Dr Pepper. My first thought was "How will I get through the day without my caffeine?" The next thought was "Oh shit, it's on my keyboard!" Damn I had a mess to clean up and I'm still short on caffeine. POOP

THEN I hop onto a conference call and drink said drink above when a big drop dribbles out of my mouth onto my white shirt! Seriously? I woke up for this today????

And I'm 10 minutes away from logging onto another conference call where I'll get my ass ripped by this moody customer.

Happy happy joy joy. Go the f_ck back to bed!


Liz said...

Do you need a drink at lunch?? :) Hopefully, lunch will help make your day better!!