Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a klutz

Besides my pride, I hurt my elbow, knee, hip, shoulder, back and hand when the right side of my body met the pavement Saturday during bootcamp with Nancy. Yes folks, I was working out, in front of my man, head held high and looking good, or so I thought, until out of no where the pavement jumped up and tripped me! I went tumbling, threw my weights and sat there on the pavement deciding if I should cry or have LW pick me up. I sat there with my legs crossed for a couple of minutes, and then I quickly jumped up, realizing all that hurt.

Later Saturday evening I tried to play the Wii over at Staci's house and it didn't go so well for me because my entire body ached with every movement. Today I feel even worse. I hope and pray my achey ass can make it to work tomorrow. If I sit for too long then someone has to help me up! HA

Damn does it suck getting old.


Julie said...

I'm really laughing WITH you, not at you. :) Hope you feel better today! My back is still killing me...