Sunday, September 21, 2008

OSU vs Troy

What a fun day I had with my brother and his BIL and niece. We had so much fun tailgating for the Ohio State vs Troy football game.

We arrived at Planks Pizza on Parsons at 8am! We ate breakfast and started drinking screwdrivers. HA I haven't drank that early in YEARS!

At 9am we boarded the Planks Party Bus which shuttled us to the game. The bus was packed, wall to wall, with people. Beer was being consumed on the bus and there were coolers filled to the brim with beer. Once the bus parked, the grills were fired up with brats and hot dogs on them.

About an hour before the game we started the trek to the stadium. On the way to the stadium we got to see the many faces of Brutus. They were so cool!!!! If you have yet to see them, you must make a trip to the Schott to see them. We stopped and took several pictures along the way and we also ran into my best friend's husband and her kids. They were so excited because it was their first OSU game.

The game was fun, but boy was it hot outside. Still it was great to spend the day with my brother.



Julie said...

Best pictures ever! I feel like I was there!!!! Glad you had fun!