Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm outing my fat again!

Cause if I don't, then I won't lose it!!! I did awesome with eating yesterday, with the exception of eating TWO pumpkins. You know those marshmallow or maramallow kind (the candy corn stuff). And I could have had six for 150 calories, so I didn't do bad at all.

But I went to see Nancy and holy cow, I'm sore today. But that's a good thing. We talked about my diet and my stresses, so hear me fat when I say, I won't eat cheese like I do now and I will avoid chocolate as much as humanly possible!!!! (I figure if I talk to my fat, it will get scared and hide! HA)

Today I will eat better and tonight I will be at the gym. Even if I would really rather be shopping for a black Coach purse!!!! HA


Liz said...

You could do a lot worse than 2 little pumpkins. Good for you for sticking with it and getting mad at yourself! Now, get that butt to the gym tonight!

Julie said...

Bad fat! Baaaaad fat! Go away, nobody wants you here!!!