Thursday, September 4, 2008

I cannot wait!

Tomorrow my friend from San Diego is stopping out for a visit on his way to Indiana for a party. I'm so excited!!! He's been my friend since I was in the 6th grade. We lost touch between 12th grade and my young adult life, but we re-connected two or three years ago. It's been great!

Here is a picture of us from last summer when I went to San Diego to see him.

I miss him so much. I'm sure there will be lots of tears as I haven't seen him since my mom passed. He wanted to fly out for the funeral, but I told him to stay home. We had snow and the weather was crappy. Besides, my mom knew he loved her. He didn't have to be here for me to know he loved and supported me.

Anyway, I hope to have lots of pictures after tomorrow. He's spending the night and then he'll be back on Monday evening. Tuesday he'll drive to West Virginia for work and then Thursday night he'll be back to spend the night and then off to Indiana again. It's a long complicated story about what he's up to..besides work, he's going to two surprise parties.

YAY! LW has Kassidy this weekend so he won't be able to meet Jerry until Monday night. I can't wait for those two to meet.


Liz said...

That's great Danica!! I hope you have a wonderful time with him :)