Friday, September 19, 2008

Damn, they fit!!!!

I have on a pair of jeans that my squishy ass could hardly fit into in January!!!! When my mom was sick and dying, I had put on some extra weight (I was at my highest weight ever when she died). Stress and saddness can do that to you. But damn! When I put on my jeans today they felt great! Granted, I'm still not at a size I'm happy with, but at least I can fit into my jeans, pre-mom-sickness.

Last night I worked out with a fellow Nestie (yay Simi!), ate pretty well all day, and got a great night of sleep. That makes working out three nights in a row!!! YAY. Tonight I will take it easy and work in the yard. My yard definately needs some loving attention! HA!

Here's to hoping Mr. Goodbar stays outta my mouth today. Julie, he can be a nasty man!!!!


Julie said...

You rock! And I'm jealous!

Simi said...

That is soooo freaking awesome Danica!!! You rock! And I had a blast working out with you! Let me know anytime you wanna do it together again ;)!