Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baldwin Reception

Holy cow, what a fun night LW and I had at a friend's wedding reception at Buckeye Lake. We ate, danced, drank and socialized all night. Infact we didn't even roll out of bed until after 11am today.

Somehow I wound up with a hang over and a huge bruise on the back of my leg....and I don't think that's from the running man dance I was doing with a 6 and 15 year old on the dance floor either. HA!!!!

Lots of Tuaca was consumed and the gaggle of girls who were at the bachelorette party the weekend before couldn't have been happier. Personally I had three pieces of cake...damn it was good. Just don't tell my trainer Nancy!!!

Below are some of the pictures from the reception.


Julie said... head is still pounding.

I'm stealing some of your pics for my blog as well!