Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To say 'it' or not to say 'it'?

When do you say "I love you" and it not sound so silly? I know he loves me, he knows I love him, we just can't form the words with our lips. I keep thinking I'm going to say it on his birthday (tomorrow), but what if he doesn't say it back? I'll feel stupid. I know I brought it up on vacation, but both of us were pretty drunk so I don't recall his reaction. POOP

::scratching head thinking::


Liz said...

What was it you told Emily to do? Bake a cake or something and put it on there? :) What about getting up early tomorrow and writing it in whipped cream on your body? I'm sure he'd love that!!

Emily said...

Yah, try one of the hair-brained ideas I got! Buy a cake and write it on it in icing... mouth it but don't let any sound come out... write it down and give it to him... LOL!

Or just blurt it out like I did!! :)

Say it!!