Thursday, August 21, 2008

One more day!

OMG one more day and I'm off work until Sept 2. I can't wait! I have so much on my to-do list:

1. Deep clean the house
2. Clean the basement
3. Clean the garage
4. Get the carpets cleaned
5. Work on Elizabeth's scrapbook
6. Power wash the house
7. Edge the yard
8. Wash my car
9. Work on my scrapbook
10. Have lunch with my girlfriend and her three kids
11. Get my mole removed
12. Go to book club
13. Work out
14. Get my hair fixed
15. Attend a party for Elizabeth
16. Have dinner with Staci and her mom
17. Celebrate my neice's birthday

SHEW I'm sure there is more!!! Thank goodness I can have the week off from work. Anything is better than working!!!


Liz said...

i'm excited for #12 :) i would bet money that somewhere on that list is spend time with LW :) hehe

Crystal (tropical.dreams) said...

LOL I just came here to post that you missed the one about "Have lots of crazy sex time with LW!" LOL

Julie said...

Left you a little something on my blog...check it out!