Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Lawrence

Yesterday was LW's birthday. Hopefully he had a nice day as we spent it together. I took him to a nice dinner in the evening and then we snuggled most of the night until I got sick (go figure) and ended up sleeping on the couch all night.

Still I couldn't bring myself to say I Love You. I think we tried to talk about it at dinner last night but both of us are relatively shy (yes I can be shy!) and the conversation was dropped. Hopefully by the year 2010 we'll have said it!

Looking forward to a nice weekend. I'll be alone, but with friends. LW is going out of town with his daughter to a reunion. A little sad about that....wish he would start including me on things like that. Maybe soon he will. I have yet to meet his daughters, so maybe after that I'll be included.

Have a super weekend ladies.

BTW Keep Hannah and Maggie in your prayers. Also thinking about Erin and Koley and of course any other person who has requested prayers. I'm thinking about you all!



We are the Ferrari's said...

I am sure to will start including you with his daughters. YOu are amazing and he knows that! :) Have a good weekend!