Monday, July 28, 2008

Ocean City, Maryland

What a great trip!!! Lawrence and I had so much fun that it's hard to recap the entire trip. :-)

Thursday we left Columbus at 3:30am. UGH The drive was long, so when we checked into our hotel, we decided to take a nap. After the nap we got dressed and went to Fagers Island for appetizers and drinks.

After drinks we walked up and down the Boardwalk trying to find a bar to hang out at. Low and behold we came across a bar called Conners Sail Loft Deck Bar. AWESOME Grapesickles, but I swear if I smell grapes for awhile I might puke. Needless to say I had one too many. We met some really nice people at the bar...Nate (who worked at Fagers), his girlfriend Cheryl, sisters, Julie and Kristy and some random bar guy Todd and of course the best bartender around...Joey!!!!

Once I was drunk enough it was time to get back to the hotel. On the way back to the car we ran into Spongebob. I had to push a million kids out of the way to get this picture!!!

After a long nights sleep and some belly aching about how I'll never drink again, we got up and headed to the beach on Friday. The beach was beautiful, but the water was freaking cold!!!!!!! We splashed around for a bit, but decided we were too tired and went back to the hotel for a shower and a nap. HA God we're old!!!!

After a shower we headed to Dumsers for ice cream and Seacrets for an early dinner and to scope out Seacrets for Saturday night. The bar/restaurant is practically all outdoors. It was so amazing, even though the food left a little to be desired. There are plenty of DJS, bands, bars, outdoor areas to hang at when you're at Seacrets and there is SAND everywhere! It's called Jamaica USA for good reason.

After an early dinner we headed back to the hotel for a nap. We got up late, so we were rushing to meet Nate, a security person, at Fagers Island. Luckily we made it before they started charging cover. Nate was gonna get us in for free though. :-) We missed sunset at Fagers but the drinks were good and we danced the night away. Another drunken night after I swore off alcohol in the morning!!!!

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the Boardwalk to watch the Toyota Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament. LW was in heaven as he loves volleyball. We spent a long afternoon watching volleyball on the beach. I managed to score a nice sunburn!!! Once we were finished with watching volleyball we headed to The Dough Roller on the Boardwalk for a slice of yummie pizza! After pizza it was back to the hotel for a dip in the pool and then a nap. Can we be any older? HA!

Once we caught our nap we got dressed and headed to Phillips Crab House for the all you can eat buffet. The food was fantastic! We didn't even have to wait in that long of a line to get in. I will say that place is pretty popular! After dinner we headed to Seacrets for drinks and dancing. We danced the night away to several DJS and an awesome reggae band. We had so much fun!!!!

And then there was the long ass drive home...HA!

Do I really have to go back to work?


Kristen said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend away, Danica!!! I'm glad you and LW had such a great time!!!

(I too have sworn off any alcohol after my week on the beach! HA HA HA)

Liz said...

I'm glad you had such a great time!! And you're not're SUPPOSED to nap on vacation!! :)

Sue said...

Is "nap" a code word? ;o)

erinann said...

sue! that's funny!

i am thrilled you had such a nice time!!

sarah said...

lots og, ahem, napping, danica? bow-chica-wow-wow!

We are the Ferrari's said...

Sounds like a great trip! Glad you had a good time! :)

RieTea said...

that sure is a lot of "napping"...

Julie said...

Nap - so that's what you kids are calling it these days.

I need a nap...baaaaaaaaaaaad.

Natalie said...

Glad you had a great time! I know I swore I would never drink again a few times in my past. lol! Your pictures are great!