Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm a moody turd.

Why did God create me this way? I have zero reason to be down other than from time to time thoughts of my mom make me sad. Poor Lawrence told me today at lunch that he can't follow my thoughts sometimes. He said I'm all over the place! LOL I guess the problem is, I'm ready to say I love you and I'm scared. So I'm hoping he'll say it and I'm sure he's hoping I say it! ARRGGHHH I'm literally almost in tears right now because of nothing! We're not fighting, I'm not mad at him or anyone else. Work is okay, my friends are all good, I'm healthy, my bills are not behind, etc. So why must I choose to feel this way?

Yes my lovely 'friend' is in town, but usually I have this under control. You know though...I started back on the birth control this month, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. HUMPH I hate this.

So what I do is act like a turd and make Lawrence wonder what in the hell is wrong with me! Good thing he's so understanding. God did give me the perfect man!


Liz said...

those damn hormones!!

Emily said...

It's hard to be the first one to say those magic words!!! ;-)