Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I forgot ~ 4th of July

On the 4th of July Lawrence drove me to my mom's grave site, where I quietly got out of the car alone and walked peacefully to my mom's grave. I then placed a flag at her grave near where her friends have been placing pennies (my mom always picked up spare change!). I kissed my hand and placed it on her grave stone and whispered "I love you."

I turned away and walked alone in silence.

I got back into the car as a small tear rolled down my cheek. When I looked up, there sat the most amazing, caring man in the world who asked if I was okay and let me quietly grieve in private as he drove us home.


Liz said...

i am so glad you've found someone so wonderful. i can't think of anyone else who deserves it more. and your post made me cry and smile...i bet your mom is doing the same up in heaven :)

erinann said...

what a blessing he is. i am so glad you have found comfort and love.

hopeful #1 said...

How sweet. Very very sweet!