Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

I'm kind of mellow today...not sad, not happy, not mad...just mellow. It was a great feeling this morning waking up next to LW who ever so sweetly whispered happy birthday into my ear. And then he slapped the alarm clock and gave me 5 more mins of snooze time. AHHHHH

Everyone has called, sent cards, sent emails, text's been so wonderful. Still the one call I waited on, could never happen. Every year my mom would call me at work, well before 9 am and wish me a happy birthday. She never forgot, even though several times she couldn't remember how old I was!!! :-) I miss her voice.

Today for lunch I sat outside in the beautiful sunshine...ate a salad and read my book. While I was reading LW walked up to me and sat on the bench next to me and we talked and enjoyed the sunshine together. It's those little things that make me smile!

Happy Birthday to me!


Liz said...

happy birthday danica! i know you're mom is looking down on you wishing you the best birthday ever! :)

WorkMama said...

Happy Birthday!

tbonegrl said...

happy birthday girl!