Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A poke here, a prick there!

No one told me that going to a muscle doctor was going to be so painful. OWWIIEEEEE After sweating a whole bunch and walking what seemed to be a mile to the doctors office from the parking lot, I got a chance to learn all about the muscles in my body. Pretty interesting if I do say so myself. Basically I have been having pain in my right shoulder blade area for over a year. Last year my family doctor sent me to physical therapy which didn't work. I've had deep tissue massages that didn't work. So I just gave up...decided to live with the pain. :-(

Fast forward now to March when I had my terrible cold. I go to the doctor and he asked me how my shoulder was doing. I explained that the pain is still there and I decided to live with it. He wasn't having it! So today I ventured to a muscular doctor. Fantastic! He hooked me up to this little machine and started sending electrical currents through my right arm and shoulder. If the doctor would have been any closer, I think my arm would have jerked and slapped him in the who-ha. :-) After that he took a very LONG pin and stuck it deep into my muscle on my arm, shoulder, neck and back. Lovely. It hurt..I hurt more. Now I'm covered in little holes.

I wonder if I have a drink of water, will it come out all of the tiny holes? HA!

The muscle doctor thinks I have mild muscle damage on my right side, but he thinks it could be due to a cyst on a bone in my back or a lygament (did I spell that wrong?). Now I get to go see my orthopedic surgeon whom I just love (he's worked on my hip, knee and elbow - all left side!)

Anyhow..I've been bad at blogging. I get lazy when I get home from work. Mostly I just wanna sit down and read my book for book club (Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews).

On another thing....I've been trying to lose weight. I've been soo soo at it since I started in early January. I'm now down 5.5 pounds. Not a lot you say, but I've managed to keep it up. I've been off from the gym for over a month now due to this cold. I'm hoping to start back full time tomorrow! YEAH My goal is to lose 10.5 more pounds. I pray I can do it!!!

I'm off to get changed and head to Isaiah's. That boy is winning my heart slowly. :-)


Julie said...

Gee, I thought the title of this blog *was* about Isiah...