Friday, April 4, 2008

Party Like a Rockstar

It's so late for me to be up blogging, but I can't sleep, I'm still sick and well I'm a little tipsy. My friend Bev came over when I got home from the gym and we decided to head to Chad's house to finish watching the OSU game. One drink lead to another and so on. I'm not drunk, but I'm definately sporting a headache and craving the ability to sleep.

So here I sit blogging, watching Days of Our Lives, wishing my life was as fantastic as those beautifiul women on the soap opera. :sigh: One day my knight and shining armour or prince charming as I would prefer since I don't like the midevil times, will show up and spoil me with kisses and flowers and love. What girl doesn't want to be the center of attention? B ut do those men exist? I'm sure they do, but my guess is they are in happy, successful relationships.

It's funny because I was telling Bev and Chad tonight that I'm okay being single. It's just there are moments where I wish I was a part of someone else. One has to learn to be happy with themself before they can learn to be happy in a relationship. And that I am working on.