Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I - cut - my - hair - off - !

LOL I have to laugh because for almost a year I tried to grow my hair out to what it was back in 2001. I'm very impatient. I just couldn't wait around for my hair to grow. I mean, why can't I take a pill and have it grow long over night?

Anyway, my do is short...choppy....with short bangs....and lots of attitude. I always felt more confident with short hair. It's like I have the world on my shoulders when my hair is short. Strange huh? Today I'm not liking it so much because I haven't quite gotten the hang of styling it, so it will be a few more days before I post a picture of it.

I need a little more glue here and a lot more paste there. HA!


tbonegrl said...

I am still dying for pics!!! DYING!!!!!

I'm glad your hair experience was better than mine!

Julie said...

Hello? PICTURES???