Sunday, April 13, 2008

Drama with a sump pump and email.

I know I know. You're wondering how in the heck do those two things relate? Well honestly they don't, but both happened to me yesterday. And both completely wore me out.

Yesterday I went down to the basement to change the cat litter when I noticed water all around my sump pump. Thankfully my basement wasn't floaded but none the less there was water in places it shouldn't be. I frantically moved boxes and furniture so as not to see anything get ruined any further. Nothing appeared to be ruined and I was able to get everything dried out.

Once I mopped up the water I had to figure out what happened. I picked up my phone and dialed my brother's home number hoping (and praying) he was there to help me diagnose my 'issue'. It's always nice having a brother who is handy!!! Of course if he didn't live an hour or so away he would have been there in a heart beat to help me. Come to find out, the crimps around the rubber on the pipe came lose and allowed water to spray, and I mean spray all over the concrete wall and floor. UGH

Today I looked and my handy work fixed the job!!! YEAH!!! Now the drying out period has started. See, single girls CAN take care of a home on their own. :-)

So you want to know why I posted about drama with email? Well if you have a parent, who has NEVER used or owned a home computer, you can understand my frustration. I spent over an hour on the phone (at 10 in the evening MY time - dad lives in Nevada - three hours behind) trying to teach my dad how to log into his email (a guy at some shop showed him out, but he didn't take notes!) and how to surf the internet. OOOIIIEEE I wanted to strangle him by the time the call was over. HE HE HE I should be careful though...he might find my blog! :-)

Today I'm hoping for some peace and quiet. AND NO DRAMA!


Sue said...

That's so weird, friends of mine just had the EXACT same thing happen with their sump pump about a month ago. Seems builders these days don't put those crimps on very well. Glad nothing was ruined.

And I hear ya on the computer thing. I'm technical support for my parents too, although I don't mind since I love the fact they use it at all. Just be prepared to be forwarded a million emails that you've seen 10 years ago since it's all new to your Dad. :)