Monday, March 10, 2008

Door Jam

Seriously I think God is testing my ability to become handy around the house. Late last night I decided my boys (Boots and Boomer - my two wonderful cats - ROWR) needed their litter box changed. Not a big deal right? Nothing handy involved right? Well I get the litter changed, walk to the back door to dispose of the nastiness and wouldn't you know it, the door from the house to the garage will not budge. Well shoot, for a second I had a blonde moment and thought I was locked IN my house holding a nice warm bag of shit. :-) After I realized that I could get OUT of the house by going through the FRONT door, I then wondered how am I going to get my car out of the garage since my outside garage key pad isn't working?

After sifting through the junk drawer I found another remote to the garage. Bingo, I'm in the garage and there in front of my baby blues is the door handle barely hanging on for dear life. You may ask yourself how in the world did that happen? Well, right now, I'm asking myself the very same thing!

Being that it was late I didn't have the time, nor the energy to throw into what seems like a challenging task. So this evening I invite you back to see just how I will manage to fix my door handle.

Stay tuned....