Thursday, September 6, 2012

Long time.....

It's been a very long time since I have posted. Life has moved by so fast and I just don't have enough time to keep up with blogging or blogland in general. Quick update - Kassidy is in the 8th grade this year and made the junior high volleyball team. I am so proud of her. She amazes me every day. Her team is 3-0. I'm sure some of you have been here it goes...I am a Grandma!! Zachary Santos Jr was born on 5/17/2012 weighing just over 6lbs. He's captured our hearts in ways that didn't seem possible. He's the light of our life right now. Momma is doing good as well. She's back to work and started back to college. She's got a full schedule but I have no doubt that she will try hard to make it work. Here is Zachary a week after birth:

And here he is as of last week. No he's not walking, his momma stood him up and snapped a picture. He's close to rolling over though!
Life is super. No complaints! I truly hope each of you are doing well. I'll try my best to check in, but if you would like, the best way to reach me is via email or FB. I'd love to catch up so drop me a line and fill me in. Much love. Hopefully the next time I am writing you isn't the when Zachary starts kindergarten!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm still here!

It seems lately I have been neglectful of blog-land. There's been so much going on. With my new job I'm unable to access the internet much. Because I work for such a secure company it's hard to get on the internet, even at lunch, which is when I would do most of my blog reading. :-( And by the time I get home, I'm beat and have a million other things to do.

But all is well here. Lauren is doing well. Peanut is due to arrive on June 5. LW and I actually heard the heartbea0t last month. In Jan Lauren will find out what she is having, and once she does, let the shopping begin!

Kassidy is growing like a weed every day. Every time I see her she is taller. She made level 3 honor roll recently, so we are so thrilled and proud of her. She is really working hard this year.

LW is still super busy with basketball.

And me, well I'm busy holding down the fort at home, learning my new job and meeting new people. Everything is going well.

I hope each of you have a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season. I wish each of you nothing but the best in the new year.

Until then....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quick Update

Things have been a little hectic around our house. Between work and everything else I haven't had time to read blogs or update my blog. I'll do a quick run down before I head to bed for the evening. It's been a log week.

- The new job is going great. I am loving it more than I dreamed possible.

- Kassidy made the travel volleyball team for Spring. We are so happy for her.

- Lauren and the baby are doing well. LW and I got to hear the heart beat on Monday and it melted our hearts.

- LW is busy with basketball as usual.

All in all we are all doing great. Just trying to stay focused.

I want to take the time to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you will be able to spend it with your family and friends. We will be having Thanksgiving breakfast with my family at our house and dinner at LW's sister's house. I can't wait to see the families and spend time with them.

Holiday Blessings!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


At the ripe old age of 38 I am going to be a grandma.

Shocked you say? Well, join the club.

LW's oldest daughter, who is 20 (will be 21 in April), announced to me last week that she is pregnant. It's hard to be overly joyful about this given her age, but in due time, we will all be super excited to have a baby in our life.

She had her first ultrasound yesterday and baby and momma are healthy. Lauren is due June 8th.

While we all know it's early, we are hopeful that she remains healthy for her pregnancy. So far she's been super responsible. You have to wonder, because sometimes at their age, responsibility goes out the door. But she's been eating well, taking care of herself and asking questions if she's not sure of what to eat, what to take, etc.

Poppa W (LW) has been a little in shock, but he talked to her last night and told her "there's nothing I wouldn't do for you, all you have to do is talk to me."

This will be a very trying journey for me as I will be faced with my own saddness over not being able to have my own children. I am going to have to put my feelings aside to help Lauren through her pregnancy. Already she's asking questions that I couldn't possibly ever be able to "will it hurt to have the baby", "should I feel this way".

But regardless, we will all get through this as a family. We will find happiness. And where there is disconnect with us a family, hopefully the baby can bridge that gap.

We've had one heck of a year so far, and the next year is going to prove to be just as crazy.

Please if you're a Facebook friend of mine, do not post anything about this. Our youngest daughter doesn't know yet. Lauren is telling Kassidy this weekend.

Stay tuned for what lies ahead!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tastefully Simple

I've started a new part time gig to earn extra fun money.

I have decided to become a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant! And I love it. If you've never heard of Tastefully Simple it is a home taste testing company that offers products that only need about one or two additional products mixed in. You can make drinks, soups, dips, breads, desserts and so on.

Super easy!

So if you have Facebook friend my fan page!

Or if you ever want to place an order, here is my website.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this will work out for me. So far so good.

I've closed two shows and have three in the next month! How's that for a successful start?

Have you ever tried Tastefully Simple? I'd love to know!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Job

After 9+ years I have resigned my position with my company and will be moving on to a different phase in my life. I accepted a role with a local company that is very involved in our community.

I will continue to work with the IT applications that I work with currently, but I will be in more of a leadership position. I'm super excited and nervous as this all happened really fast. I had interview LAST Friday. On Sunday I was offered the job (who offers someone a job on a Sunday?). By Tuesday I was filing my resignation with my company.

My last day at work is October 20th and my first day at the new job is October 24th.

I'm really excited for this new adventure.

I will try to continue to blog but I'm sure they will be few and far between (more than they are now!). I do read your blogs even though I haven't always commented.

Looking forward to the next phase in my life!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kitty Update

I am happy to report that my little man is back to normal. :-)

I'm wondering if he just had a case of the flu or something, as we all get sick, pets included.

He's jumping, running, I thinking he's going to be alright.

I'm hopeful that he will make it another two years. Boots is just so special to me.

Thank you for all of the kind words. :-) The kids are happy and so am I!